Can anyone out there recommend a guitar amp combination so I can get a killer blues sound?! And maybe maybe some killer effects that could help? Is a tele and or Gretsch good?

Ive also been getting into swing, and jazz lately too. So a nice all around combination......

Help me out! Thanks.
Orange Fender or Marshal for the amp and guitars, anything hollow body is good for jazz (i.e. Gretsch), and blues i'd go strat or tele, but all 3 would work for all the genres you mentioned
what's your budget? also depends on what blues sound you want. big difference between say BB King and Gary Moore both blues but totally different. you really don't need much if any fx for blues either. maybe an overdrive for a little dirt and perhaps a wah. good guitar and amp is what you really need though.

neck pickup

fender style amp

overdrive pedal

od pedal isn't even strictly necessary, but it doesn't hurt to have one for more options

if you want jazz too something with humbuckers would be cool. though that's pretty much dependent on your wanting a more british blues type of tone.
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for blues I prefer the clean channel of an all tube amp and a semi hollow guitar with the neck humbucker on. as for the tele being good for blues, I think Roy Buchanan would be a good example of that
Low budget:
Made in Mexico Fender Strat, Fender Blues Jr, maybe an Ibanez TS-9

High budget:
American Fender Strat, Fender Deluxe Reverb, Definitely going to need the TS-9 with this one.
It depends what sound you're going for.
But generally (especially if you're also going for jazz), a Fender valve amp is a great idea.

With the guitar it depends what your style is.
For example, I'd always pick a Strat, love the feel, love the tone, pretty much every bluesman who has influenced my style in a big way uses a strat.
But, Les Pauls are good for blues (and often Jazz, depending), as seen by people like Gary Moore, Joe Bonnamassa, etc, but often they're used for more of a dirty blues style.
Hollowbodies are good, especially for jazz, but are a bit less versatile than some of the solid body options.
Teles are also quite good for blues, though maybe a bit twangy for jazz.