Hi guys,

The three guitars I have are...

PGM301 Signed by Paul Gilbert
Fender Deluxe Telecaster
Faith Venus Concert acoustic

It goes without saying, these are nice and expensive guitars! For that reason I need wall hangers that are GUARANTEED to keep my guitars from falling off.

Any suggestions?
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the off the wall hangers are fine.

my only real suggestion to you is that you hit a stud in the wall,
and protect nitro finishes, but using a guitar safe cloth on contact points.

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yea even places like samash and guitar center use the cheaper ones, not the hercules ones. like stated above, as long as u hit the stuf and your house isn't made of timber or gingerbread your fine.

i have one of those cheaper ones and it hold my 9 lbs guitar fine
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Hercules, the ones the fold in when you put the guitar on, nice big, quality screws and padded hanger
i think i'm using some cheap hanger and my guitar is hangin' awesomely for 4 years now
I have had problems with Hercules stands foam pieces wearing down and the plastic underneath scratching my guitar. Prolly wont buy any more of their stands( i have 3, its happened on 2 of them).

And its all about finding the stud! Drywall isnt going to hold much weight