What is wrong with this or is this normal? I have had the thing for three days, played it for two days only about 4 hours of playing time and have replaced 2 9v batteries in the thing. Is it broke or should i just get an ac adapter?
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You need to unplug it after use if you want the battery to last longer.

Or just get an adapter, batteries really don't last.
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Get an adapter.
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You'll save your self a lot of time and money by just getting an ac adapter. You can get a 1 spot for like 10 bucks and you never have to worry about batteries lol
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ah you have seen the light. you need an adapter.

there really is no cheap way to get into effects. you need a power source, then eventually your going to want a board, and then god knows what. or you just buy one big ol effects unit.

slippery slope of money burning (and kick but sounds.....)
definitely get an adapter but in the mean time be sure to unplug the cable from the input on any pedal you're powering with a battery. i have that pedal it takes longer than that to kill a battery, at least for me.
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