Hi all,

My Peavey 6505 has been working great until now. All of a sudden, it's like the amp is working at only 20% to what it used to. If that.

Could this probably be dead power tube(s)? It has 4 JJ 6L6GCs in it.

So it's 20% uncooler? I guess that means you have to replace 80% of the tubes in the amp, and it will be working 100% like it's supposed to!


Could you describe the issue in a bit more detail? How is the sound different than normal?

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Sounds to me like it could be a grounding issue. Have you tried different guitars with it? Different electrical outlets?
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Hmm well, it's like most of the gain and volume has been cut off.

And the humming, well, it's kind of like when your amp is turned on, but your lead isn't plugged into your guitar... It's hard to explain. I thought the humming was good lol
my esp w/emg 81/85s is the worst, my schecter w/SD invaders has alot more gain, but still is no where near normal.. it seems it's reacting worse to active pickups
check your tubes. pull out and re-seat if that doesn't fix it, do the pencil test (google it) and you might have a bad tube.
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Definitely sounds like it needs new preamp tubes. It might just be one bad tube though. I'd buy a couple, and then switch one out with the tubes in there one by one until you find the culprit(s), and then replace them.
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I've never done anything with amps before... should I get a pro to do it or is it easy/safe to learn yourself??
start with this


make sure all your tubes are seated down nice and snug - maybe hit the tube pins with some contact cleaner

inspect your tubes while you play make sure they lit fairly evenly (but don't have to be perfect)
okay, I've left it for a day and a half to two days... Now it's working at the capacity it originally was... I haven't done anything or changed anything.... Is this a bad sign still? What could this mean?
haha, okay, after playing for 20 minutes it's gone again. this time the same as before, but the distortion sounds really fuzzy