First moment of inspiration in months. Was just randomly chillaxing while watching a movie and came up with the acoustic part and just went with that. This is the result. Don't know where I'm gonna take it next, if I want to throw in some distortion but I thought I might upload it here since I don't have anything better to do.

I am loving this a whole lot. You could definitely expand this into a very incredible piece for sure. I'd personally suggest working with some post-rock elements, especially with the incorporation of electric guitars (distorted and clean). It is very atmospheric and the melodies are top notch. No real complaints here!
This is incredibly awesome. Very atmospheric. This is a kind of strange example, but it kind of reminds me of music from a children's movie, the kind of movie that either was really awesome but none of your friends knew about it or saw it, or a movie that you can't quite remember what it actually was, you just know you saw it and that it kicked ass, and it left some kind of sentimental something-or-other associated with the music. Weird shit.

Anyway, I'd be wary of getting too post-rock with it, it sounds good the way it is. Don't metal it up or anything, unless you're going to do some soaring, Devin Townsend-esque vocals. Also, there should definitely be more of that piano stuff that was going on at the end.
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Very nice as the others said. My only complaint is that the G# notes on the piano sounded sour to my ears.
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Quote by Emperor's Child
Very nice as the others said. My only complaint is that the G# notes on the piano sounded sour to my ears.

If guitar pro wasnt stupid and could make G# and Ab that would be great!

I believe that is a minor iv chord. which is awesome! love that sound of that, but CheeseM will have to change all the A's to Ab's/G#'s in the guitar part

Other sounds awesome

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Like everything you've uploaded, I loved this. There's well thought-out thematic development, interesting shifts in time and feel, and each instrument is complimentary to one-another throughout.
My only advice for both the purposes of tonality and playability would be to rework your piano's chord voicings, so that they're more idiomatic for the instrument - some of those right hand shapes are pretty intimidating! Revising this will be a great aid for you in writing future pieces, and it'll offer a whole new perspective for how the individual voices of a chord can move for a more polyphonic effect, contrary to the parallel voicings the guitar excels at.

A motif popped into my head where the file you've uploaded ended, so I've spent the past few minutes punching some scraps of ideas in at the end. You'll be able to see whereabouts I got lazy, haha.

Please send an e-mail my way (my web-address is on my UG profile) once you've added more on - I'll be looking forward to hearing more.

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Agreed with Frau, this is a really good instrumental/interlude. I wouldn't like vocals over this, or some post-rock/prog distortion expansion, it just sounds really nice on its own.
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Well Chessey, I was really impressed by Dreamstate (read: ****ing blew me away) and I must say that while this piece doesn't quite hit that high with me... It certainly comes close. You seem to have quite a tasteful style when it comes to your guitar parts. I quite like it. I would like to see this finished and recorded... And on another note, I might take to learning it on bass for practice; as I love the basslines.

The one gripe I had is in the final section (thus far, I hope), you go out of key in one note in the piano track. There's a G# that is just sour. I raised to an A and all was well again.

I would love to see the finished product (recorded ideally, but MIDI will do) so please, if at all possible... keep me posted.

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