Why? Every member of my fav band does it, and I get the impression of that most metal musicians smoke? Why? I want them to live longer so they can make awesome music! I have no right to tell them what to do, and smokers are perfectly allowed to do it, this is no hate post, I just wondered why? x)

This may be pointless yes ... but it just stroke me all of sudden xD
well stroke it somewhere else

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well stroke it somewhere else

Why, this is the metal forums ... where else should I post it? Pit?
They don't. Which bands are you talking about OP?

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You are epic my friend ;-)
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They don't. Which bands are you talking about OP?

Children of Bodom (everyone without Janne), Nightwish (Tuomas), Charon (finnish gothic metal band), Petri Lindroos (Norther,Ensiferum) also the drummer of Norther, The almighty Lemmy Kilmister (Motorhead), I believe Dave Mustaine (Megadeth), Abbath (Immortal), and I belive Phil Anselmo of Pantera aswell.

Okay not all bands do it, but I get the impression of that many do... Maybe I'm totally wrong here, but ....
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If you don't smoke as a metal musician, they pull your card.
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I just went downstairs, splashed some water in my face and I woke up and realized this was a stupid thread, I don't give a shit anymore x)
Because they also smoke weed and a cig after a J makes it hit you harder and gives a more energetic body high.
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They usually abuse heroin, alcohol and cocaine and do you worry about smoking ?

Well, as I said ... it just stroke me O.o
I've noticed members of very few metal bands I listen to ever smoking... actually, I can't think of more than 2 or 3... I really don't think the ratio of smokers is any higher amongst metal bands than in the general population.
actually most real metal musicians are straight edge because they reject the hedonistic crutches of weak western society.