Hey Guys,

I have just ordered a Pelham Blue 1965 Reissue FBV, and the weight of the package is 31 pounds. I was trying to look up how much the guitar actually weighs, but couldn't find it.

Any ideas?

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I just weighed 3 guitars, they were 4.6 lbs (hollowbody) 8.2 (lp) and 9 lbs (strat).
About six or seven pounds. They're not terribly weighty.

However, they are very neck-heavy.
Ah, I just figured it out. They post the weight equivalent for shipping because of the oversize package.
they're generally not terribly heavy. pretty close to an SG.

packaged weight has pretty much nothing to do with the weight of the guitar. the packaging is usually quite heavy. 31 pounds seems way too high though
My Firebirds are all about the same weight as my LPs. That's not a problem if you're used to Gibson guitars in general or simply have a big strap.

But like Flying Couch said they are stupidly neck-heavy and dive like nothing else, even with a thick strap. You'll probably want to shift the strap buttons to balance it better, if you don't mind damaging the resale value.
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