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I know pretty much how a single coil pickup works.
It's made out of a substance that picks up the string vibrations and then being taken to an amplifier, where the signal is made stronger and reproduced into the amp.
But why do 2 pickups sound fuller and why do they produce less noise?
Because 2 is more than 1, and because they buck hum, hence, humbucking.

Something along those lines I'm sure.

On a serious note, it just has to do with the way the magnets work together with the copper coil when they're right beside/attached to each other.

EDIT: I think.
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Look it up on the internet. I will give a hint. Coil, generator and phase cancellation.

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because one pick up is rounded on one way, and the next one to the other, and then it cancells the hum producedby single coils because one would be positive and the other negative (that part i don't know if it's EXACTLY like that, but something like this is involved). also, there are two pickups picking the same signal, so it sounds fuller. like it sounds fuller when you hear 2 speakers instead of one
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it works by http://lmgtfy.com/?q=how+do+humbuckers+work%3F
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