No, this has NOTHING to do with light bulbs. Seriously.

So, on my Jackson (techically a Charvel Model 4, but with a Jackson neck so I refer to it as a Jackson), instead of having a single 5-way toggle switch, it has 3 individual on/off mini toggles, shown here:

Please excuse the Coffin Case; I realise at my age of 18 I'm too old to be owning one but that doesn't fucking matter right now.

Anyway, on this particular guitar out of the ones I own, I never, and I mean NEVER use the middle pickup on it. Not just because the pickup's output can't compete with the bridge pickup, but the switch system makes it hard to switch quickly mid solo/mid song.

However, I do often like the toggle switches for the kill-switch effect, but doing it intensively loosens them and wears them out. So I am thinking of replacing the center toggle with this:


Would I be able to do this? It sounds easy, but would it work? How should I wire it up if I get that switch?

What about that switch, does it look to cheap to be pounded on rapidly in an intense, synth-like guitar solo?
If you're just gunna use the toggle as a killswitch and nothing else, why not replace it with... an actual kill switch?
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Quote by pigeonmafia
If you're just gunna use the toggle as a killswitch and nothing else, why not replace it with... an actual kill switch?
The switch in that link is a momentary on-off switch, not just a regular toggle.
If you want to have a real deal kill switch get an arcade button. I have a giant pink one on my guitar
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I feel your pain I have an ibanez from the 80s that has three toggle switches just like that and they're a real pain in the ass to switch on the fly.
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Gosh, a whole buck and a half. If it doesn't work you haven't lost much. I think trial and error is a good way to go on this. Most heavy duty switches also have a heavy feel to them, which you may not like. I wouldn't be surprised if you try three or four different switches before you find one that suits your style. It sure is cheap and easy compared to switching pickups!!
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