I'm checking out for an early 'christmas present', and I came across some very interesting, and interestingly priced guitars on ebay,


The neck-thru mahogany les paul caught my eye,


but if you look at all the listings, they sound and ring quality but the price says otherwise

I've never heard of 'CJM' guitars, the only cjm i know is a handmade luthier of individual creations, it won't be them.

I'm very tempted by that LP...
I always get the feeling that these threads are just advertisements, no way to be sure though.

Anyways, I agree with the guy above me, and with a 14 day return policy its worth a shot if you're interested.
yeah i could have phrased the title in a less generic way...

I agree its good I can check it out then return it if it isn't what it seems

cheers for the help