Critting as I hear it:
I see this is a metal song, but i really really like the intro and am not a metal fan. i'm currently hoping it doesnt change too drastically
ok it just changed
i really respect the level of skill it takes to play stuff like this, but it isn't my style
i feel like this is all a bit cliched. maybe it's just because I don't listen to this kind of music so I don't pick up on the nuances that separate it from other songs, but that's just how i feel
i like all the tempo and rhythm changes, but i almost feel like its cheating to just stop the song and start a new riff rather than flow into it

my one suggestion would be to reincorporate the piano intro back into the song as a sort of hook type thing. even if you play it on the guitar or something, it would be really cool.

thanks for your crit
American Circus
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A lot of good ideas but it doesn't flow cohesively. i REALLY like the riff right after the piano with all the weedly weedly's :P The harmonies sound great.
I like how it begins as a beautiful, emotional open scenery, and then it just drops into an exciting scenario of lots of activity before digging into a gritty, bitter growling mood.

I also like how you incorporated the piano into one part with all the guitars.

The little finger rhythm/lead part is really catchy too and suspenseful.

I can understand what the above posters are saying about its flow, but I, myself, don't feel the flow is necessarily "wrong" to me. Since its an instrumental (and a metal one at that), it has plenty of right to roam about however you feel it should to keep the plot twisting and turning and I think you did a pretty good job of it there.

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