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EDIT: Apologies, on second thought, this doesn't really qualify for porting.

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Troll much?

Ever tried putting a guitar strap on a Steinway piano?

I'm going to go out on a limb and say you're just starting out on guitar, or perhaps you don't play at all. Actually, it's harder to learn on acoustic guitar than on electric. The string tension is much higher, so it requires more hand strength. Other than that, a six-string guitar is just the same as any other six-string guitar.

Now, back to your kazoo, which you're probably still taking lessons after five years.
Considering electric guitars have slimmer necks, less string tension, and distortion to mask mistakes and acoustic guitars have the opposite maknig them more difficult... even for a troll topic this is bad and i usually laugh at those
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How the hell did you get my reaction to this topic in a GIF?!

So this is the easy way out of learning guitar?



Yeah, totally see where you're coming from there. Slash and Hendrix are so much better than any acoustic player, ever.