They're pretty cheap, but their quality doesn't seem very bad at all. I quite interested in the SX Ursa 2 MN PRO CAR (or any of the full scale basses) and some type of electric guitar, I like the look of telecasters. Would a telecaster sound good for rock (MUSE)/indie?
Im not too sure about the basses but iv seen reviews for the 7/8 strings that have rated them up with high end Ibanez models, i know people that prefer $500 Agile's over $2000 Ibanez 2228's which is pretty impressive!

A lot of big artists use Agile's live also
What are the best <$250 guitars and basses I can get from there? I don't care for the Les Paul style body.
people who like agile guitars swear by them. i saw one go up for sale on kijiji and almost picked it up just to try it out, but the guy wanted like 400 bucks for an agile les paul and they sell for less than that on the site.

they're made in the same factory as epiphones. I don't see why the big hard on for them. but to be fair i've never played one.
I wouldnt suggest paying less than 250 for one, maybe the 300-400 mark is where they get decent.

ANY guitar <250 is going to be bad haha
hey man i just received my AGILE 3200 tribal purple SLIM .. ok its the most expensive agile al ( les paul copy ) .. but the feeling , finish , playability , the whole guitar is just amazing !! .

Nothing ive played from epiphone in store ( the standard series ) compared to it , the ebony fretboard and finish of the guitar is just wonderful . But that imply the confort .

The SLIM neck from the Agile al-3xxx is a very thin neck .. think Ibanez .. its slimmer than my stratocaster u.s.a . i have small hands and the guitar play like a charm .

The tribal purple color is better looking live than on their website .

Wonderful guitar . ok this one wasnt cheap 599 + shipping + hardcase ( im in canada ) .

but although it came to nearly 800 $ ...i played it for one hour and know i wont ever sell that guitar . So for those who said : at 800 $ you should have bought a les paul studio / epiphone custom ... well these guitar doesnt have the slim neck profile of the agile .

thats why i went agile 17 mm slim neck is amazing for small hand player

the 60's Slim taper neck from gibson /epiphone is more like the regular neck of an agile .. a slim agile is 17 mm .. very thin .. like a ibanez . Not like the gibson les paul studio , epiphone les paul jr 57 reissue or any epi/gibson with the 50's round neck ( baseball bat ) . i could barely play my eiphone 57 reissue cause of the neck .

anyway .. i nearly paid 800 with hard case +shipping ( the shipping included the quebec taxes 15 % hence the bigger price ) .. but i know i wouldnt have something better in canada for that price.

amazing guitar .

** but thats the review of my agile .. i heard in quality Agile is top , after douglas and after SX . the SX is probably a cheap guitar .. maybe good "for the price " but in no way its gonna top an american strat . its probably slightly better than a squier .
Bedroom rock star :

- Gibson Les paul Standard 2001 Honeyburst .
- Agile 3200 Slim
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Quote by mr7string
I wouldnt suggest paying less than 250 for one, maybe the 300-400 mark is where they get decent.

ANY guitar <250 is going to be bad haha

You have never played there cheaper guitars obviously...

The best you can get for under $250 would probably be the Douglas Spad, SX Isis Cus 24, Douglas WRl 590 *which is also called the Hadron 627*. The Douglas Spad PRO, and the Douglas Fulcrum Pro. The Agiles are better though so since you dont want a Les Paul I suggest saving up at least a little more and getting a Agile Valkyrie. But you cant lose with any of the others I have suggested. I actually use to have a SX Hawk SE in candy apple red and I love it, the only issue I had with it was the thicker neck got uncomfortable when playing for extended periods of time but my fingers are a little shorter than average.

The hawk was also one of the nicest looking strats ive ever had as well.

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I played a $900 Agile 8 string and frankly I was less than impressed. It sounded and felt dead. Definitely turned me off of them.

That sucks. I havent played an agile yet I didnt like, though I have yet to play any 7 or 8 string guitars. Though im really gassing for a 7 string lately.