So I've just picked up my christmas gift... a marshall jcm 800 1960A lead cab but i can't decide on a head (i'm currently borrowing a friends Bugera).

I play Punk-Rock/Alternative... anything from Ska to Grunge really. I'll be mainly using a Fender MIM HSS Strat and a boss DS-1 or blues driver (unless the head has a good O.D channel).

My price range is anything up to $650CDN

My favourite players are Rivers Cuomo (Weezer), and Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day) so I'd like a tone similar to theirs... can anyone give me some suggestions?
Rivers has used quite a few different amps, so his tone might be harder to nail down. Billy Joe has used Marshalls for while I'm pretty sure, so may look for a used Plexi or a JCM of some sort?
I'd look at a Traynor YCV50B

Not sure if they make them in a head version but that really doesn't even matter.

Why did you buy a cab before the head?

Traynor makes some YCS models in a head form factor - those would work well too.

Where are you in Canada roughly?
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