Alright recording forum, I have a problem.
A lot of the music i have been writing lately has both a rhythm and a sub rhythm.
The main rhythm being low chords(Drop A tuning) and the sub rhythm(standard tuning) are basically the same chords but in a higher octave.

In a mix, should the lower chords be more prevalent or just something to give the higher chords a boost? If so, should I pan them like this?

Guitar 1 (main) 100% right
Guitar 2 (main) 100% left
Guitar 3 (sub) 75% right
Guitar 4 (sub) 75% left

Thanks guys.
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Honestly, it's all about what sounds best, just experiment. Personally I would probably first try stacking the two parts together, both at 100 L/R and mixing them to where it sounds like one big, single guitar part. Then again, your mix could call for something totally different!
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The panning may work, although I'd definitely cut the volume a tad on the higher octave guitars.
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