Recorded using a digital camera during one of our gigs.

Sound is bad since everything sounds muffled, and this is only the latter half of the song.
However, we appreciate any feedback on our first band effort on an original song!

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The quality makes it hard for me to say much in terms of the musicality of it, but it sounds like you guys have done a good job of creating a whole soundscape, and it sounds very full. I would just say to work on your stage presence, and get a better recording so we can give a better review.
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Visual quality is pretty good, though it's not easy to review this with the audio quality (I know live recordings aren't easy). The singer looks cute, though her singing sounds so-so in the video (perhaps she sounds much better with better audio quality?). I once played in a band where the singer sounded quite a bit better in person than on a cheap tape recorder. Instrumentally, it sounds pretty good (though some of the lead guitar could be better). Keyboards seem to be good. Keep at it & have fun! Please review my music at this link:

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Thanks for the replies despite the obnoxious sound! I've replied to your individual threads as well.

Yeah, we're still building on our stage presence which requires a lot of work.
Our vocalist is pretty good i think (no i'm not bragging, not self-consoling either!). The sound in the clip really doesn't do her voice justice.
But since this is a first for us, I thought it'd be good if we could be critiqued based on the general feel of the song.