Hello there...its my first post in here (i think...i can't really remember).
We are a new power-melodic death metal band...
At the time being, we are only two members, cause the drums is really busy with his studies..this does not mean we don't have drums in our songs..
So let me introduce ourselves:
Bakas Starblind (thats me) on guitars, vocals and keyboards
Leonardo Warfang on bass guitar.
We both compose, yet Leonardo is the mind behind the theory...
Well we are still in the begining..but we are progressing, i can say..
We have a couple of songs of ours, some covers and a remake of a pretty EPIC song.
If you'd like to check us :
Like us on:
Or give us a listen in:
I recommend you check facebook, cause in myspace i am still uploading songs..
thanks for your time..STAY HEAVY