i have no pedalboard.
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You'd have to have at least 15 pedals for that to happen, you need to break the habit bro
I put like 5 layers of masking tape on my LEDs. Works wonder.

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I get annoyed when i cant see if my pedals are on or not when i'm playing out in the bright sunlight. STUPID RED LED's! I blame my retinas.
The blue LED I have shines bright enough to make it impossible to see the red ones in a dark room.
Marker pen over them so they have a dim red light instead of ZOMG LOOK AM ME! I AM INDEED ON! NOT THAT YOU DONT KNOW FROM YOUR GUITAR NOISES!

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I keep reading thread titles wrong..

I thought it said IEDs anyone???
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First world problems.

"I have too many effects pedals and it makes it hard to see when they're on. "

But yeah, those LEDs are crazy bright, I hate it too.