I am a young but experienced guitarist looking to start an online band. I just want to see where this goes, you know experiment a little. I have semi-pro audio equipment, and means of recording guitar playing straight onto the computer. I can also sing rough male vocals if absolutely needed, and capable of playing bass guitar and piano as well.

Naturally I would prefer to play live shows, but I just can't find a rummer that live by me, or other musicians who share my passion for all types of music. Right now I'm searching for three things;

A vocalist, Male or Female.

An editor with a good program such as Fruit Loops or something better.

A pianist.

I was looking for more of an electronic sound mixed with hard rock. Influences would be Evenascence or 30 Seconds to Mars. The above listed items are mainly what I'm searching for, but I will listen to any other instrumental offers. Thanks
I can do some male vocals.
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