Simple question pit, what are the biggest conveniences in your life?

Mine would have to be living on a student high street. Morrisons supermarket 100 yards away, 24 hour shop selling everything same distance and 2 takeaways open til 4am.

Shit's cash.

What about you guys?
Water, electricity, roof over my head, accessability to food, no war, free education and healthcare, etc etc
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Running water.



I have 3 to 4 bottleshops, the supermarket, a shopping mall across the road, 2 mcdonalds within 2 mins and a kfc, a casino with an arcade, bowling, laz0r tag 50 bagillion bars and pubs, a food market open on weekends a ton of great restaurants, three tram lines running across my street, and I live 5 mins from the city (8 dollah cabz in dis bitch).

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My penis.
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I can't believe you are whoring yourself out like that.

Without trying to sound like a prick, money isn't a problem in my life. Not to the extent that i could live a life of luxury without having to lift a finger or that i'm spoilt, it's just there if i need it. That's pretty convenient .

That said my halls are right smack bang in the middle of everything i need which is bloody brilliant.
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