I don't know how to put this. But somebody recently gave me an old Musima they had lying in their attic. I took it apart to see it's condition, and it probs needs some work.

Also, I must apologise. I've had this guitar for over a month, too lazy to post the pics :P
Dry fit. Haven't put it back together yet.


No idea what to think of the body. Apparently it's plywood
The paint is cracking/chipping, I hit the front with a coat of black acrylic lacquer to see if it made it look better, it didn't do much. I wasn't sure if I should've hit it with a proper coat.

It's supposed to a Vibrato bridge/whatever, but I can't seem to find any springs.

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Zero fret?

They're supposed to be plastic inlays, but I can't tell whether they're inlayed or painted on.

This is how the tuners are supposed to look:

This is how mine are:

They've obviously been changed, the shape of the old tuners is still visible.
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You were too lazy to read the number.

I have no idea what pickups those are, but they're sexy :*
Dunno what the switches under them do.

Definitely needs wiring work. I have faith in the guys at GB&C

And finally:

"Made in GDR"

Okay, so in the time it took my to upload all the pictures, I forgot what to say.
Basically, I don't know whether it's worth restoring. I'm not going to be gigging with it or anything (Or am I? ). But yeah, restore or not?

One of my friends suggest I put it in a glass case and mount it on my wall. Don't see myself doing that anytime soon.
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You were too lazy to read the number.
Only info found:

The "Electra Deluxe" seems to be a certain affinity for "Musima 25 Series" exhibit. Cheesy Guitars after allegedly following specification applies:

Two large single-coil "Simeto" pickups.
Body: plywood
Scale length: 640mm
Neck: beech, three parts
Fingerboard: Beech (colored as Palisanderimitat), zero fret, plastic inlays
Tuners: open, very poor quality
Socket as the "Stratocaster"

About the configuration of the mixer is at my time unfortunately unknown.

Obviously, it seems this instrument to be available in two variations. Who had a little more money to spend, could (with luck) is an instrument with vibrato, whose name was then attached to a "V" for vibrator. Here is a picture of such a "Elektra Deluxe V":

Figure 15: Musima Elektra Deluxe V from the 70s

In addition to the toggle switch that would certainly serve to select the pickups, there are four knobs, one can speculate about their function. Since a label is missing, it can be assumed that the so-called "switch trick" here does not apply. So here is probably from the classical HH-circuit, as the "Les Paul" is known.

Based on the pickups used will have been the "Electra Deluxe" probably not produced before 1974.

^From here .

Also, there's this video of a guy playing one that's extremely similiar to the one I have.
Lazy fact #222568405:
You were too lazy to read the number.