Hi guys! I own a Fender Bandmaster Silverface and I can't get good overdrive/distortion tones with it. I think that the problem may be my speakers. I use to practice with my computer setup wich is Presonus firepod/Amplitube 2/M-Audio BX5 Monitors and it sound SO MUCH BETTER.

Overdrive are warm as hell. Everything seems to sound better on those Monitors.

So now I'm think of changing my speakers. My Bandmaster cab has 2 12" and a 4ohms impedance.

I don't know what speakers I should buy to match impedance?

Thanks a lot guys!
If your 212 combo has 2 - 4 ohm speakers then I'm guessing they are wired in Series for 8 ohms total. If they are wired in Parallel it would be 2 ohms total - which is rare.

Most guitar amplifiers are either 4, 8 or 16.

You can wire speakers in Series or in Parallel.

If you wire in Series you add them up.

If you wire in Parallel you divide down.

how are you recording with your amp now?

Oh wait - the total impedance now is 4 ohms? Then I'm guessing you have 2 - 8 ohm speakers wired in Parallel. Please check. I hear Weber makes some great speakers for Fender amps. Like a Blue Devil maybe.
I don't really record this amp. I'm just trying to get good tones out of it and I swear that cheap M-Audio monitors sound WAY warmer and rounder that cab. Plus, when I drive my amp past 7 or 8 it sound so fuzzy it's incredible. Do you think that my speakers are the problem here?

Thanks a lot!
new tubes?
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It sounds really harsh and fuzzy! The opposite of the warm and round tone I'm looking for! I just changed the power tubes , preamp might be the problem!

I'll keep you posted! Thanks