How can I be able to control my little finger more often when I'm playing guitar? I would be grand with the other three but then when I try to bring my little finger into it it misses the fret.

Practice. Freepower has some good videos on finger independence on youtube. I suggest checking those out.
Yeah, practice with it, do exercises which use each finger equally. Start using it if you warm up with scales too, and it will soon get better.
Dude, where's my band?
If you're missing the fret entirely then you need to practice very very slowly. I'm talking about quarter notes at 40bpm and below.

Make some licks that require excessive use of the pinky and then practice them very slowly to a metronome.

Quarter notes just mean you will play a note every time the metronome clicks.

Freepower's videos are very good, check em out
Trills will fix it quicker than anything.
Plant finger 123 on the fretboard and trill with finger 4
Trill all possible permutations using finger 4.
do it everyday for around half hour.
Admire how different and stronger your pinky geta after a couple of weeks..