Hello, I've been looking for a backup guitar for a while now and found a used kh202 for about 300$ wich is a great deal here in Sweden.

Anyway it's one of the older models I guess, the 2nd gen of them. It's the Chinese one with black nickel hardware and the ''ESP'' floyd rose bridge. The current kh 202 have got the Floyd rose special bridge.

I know that the ESP bridge isn't the best one out there so I am defenetly going to replace it with a OFR or a Gotho.

My question is, is it hard to do? The shape differs between the two, the ''ESP'' bridge has got the angled sides were as the OFR has got straight sides.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/livatlantis/4891141362/ that's the bridge I'm talking about.

Now since I don't have the guitar yet I can't check if it has the same measurements as an OFR but from what I've read on forum such as the ESP forum all I would have to do is to get a new bridge and a new block to go with it.

Ok lets imagen that I buy a new OFR and remove the block from it and put the block from the ESP bridge on to the OFR and change the nut. Would that work, just intonate, adjust and rock?

I apologize for some spelling mistakes e.t.c