I making my own track in GP5, and i have a little bit problem.
I can chose almost 130 drums.
Im very patient so im annoyed on 30th without ANY DIFFERENCE (exept 16).
Can you give me advice for any good drumsets or how to make my own?

Sorry for my low english.

I'd love to help but i always use 16. It sounds great when you export it and convert it to mp3. Check out the song on my profile if you want to know how it sounds =)
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I dont notice any difference between the drum sounds. Just stick with number 1 really. Guitar Pro 5 isnt the best at simulating drum sounds unfortunatley. If you want to make your own drum sounds, i would look for the guitar pro 5 manual on the internet somewhere. It should tell you how to do it.
Grave Robber, on that song in your profile, was that straight midi drums? or did you use rse

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Nice programmed drums o.o Seriously reconsidering getting RSE again lol!

Though straight MIDI would be better for triggering samples I guess....
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