I have an 2010 Rickenbacker 4003.
Its been lovely and such but recently whenever I plugged I plug my jack into it my Treble sound always comes and goes (the treble pickup is cutting in and out). It is effected by the angle of the lead (if i hold it, it works).
I have brought new good quality leads but that doesn't seem to help.
The bass tone/sound works prefectly, no issues there.
What is the problem? And how do I fix it?

P.s I am a recording tomorrow and have a decent gig on Thursday so any help quickly would be greatly received.
Sounds like the output jack socket is a bit knackered. Open up the cavity and look at it - make sure nothing is bent or broken.
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How do I do this? Remove strings, unscrew Pickguard? I'm abit hesitant to go fishing around in electronics D:
Yes, you'll have to take the pickguard off. You won't have to do much fishing around, it should be pretty apparent if the jack is bent or broken or there are any loose wires.
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