So I wrote a chord progression and I would like to write something over it, but I know nothing about scales and I want to write something that would fit nice and snug. Would you be so kind as to suggest one for these chords?

These are the the basic chords of the verse
you have hmmmm A/G9, A9 , E/A6add9,A/Fmaj

well not exactly a beginner backing track if you ask me but
sort of jazzy cool chords by the way id try Amajor or Amajor pentatonic=F#minor pentatonic
I uploaded an example of a solo over your progression onto my profile page. It is labled "for chronic stp". It is basically the Aminor pentatonic. It works.
Thanks guys. I should really get on learning this kind of stuff. Especially after playing for 5 years... And thanks dimarzio77 for taking the time to do that, Ill check it out now