My awesome girlfriend has told me to pick an acoustic guitar for my christmas. I am left handed however so their is limited choices on what to buy at the guitar shops. I am also not an expert on when it comes to materials etc for acoustics so i was hoping for some help.

I tried two guitars today: Tanglewood tw28 and the Yamaha 720 (I think). I like the sound of both of them but they were in seperate shops so i could not compare side by side and couldn't remember which one had the best sound.

Which guitar has the better build and value for money?

Are their other guitars that are the net that are better than the two previously mentioned that i should think about buying? Or is it too risky to buy an acoustic without actually playing it?

The budget is about £300 and I will probably buy a case for it.
There seem to be two Tanglewood TW28s. The TW28 CLN LH is an all laminate guitar


while the TW28 CSN LH has a solid cedar top.


The Yamaha FG720SL has a solid spruce top.


On the stats, the two solid tops look much of a muchness. The TW28 CSN LH has a bone nut & saddle which is a mark in it's favour, while the Yamaha is a stronger brand, and would probably have a better resale value.

It really is down to which one you prefer.
If you can find a dealer near you, you might like to check out an Art & Lutherie dread (I'm assuming you want a dreadnaught).


They seem to go for £250-300 ish. Not sure if that would hold for the LH model. (you seem to want the "Cedar Antique Burst Left")


The UK distributor is Blue Rock Music


phone them and ask where your nearest distributor is.