Hey Pit

Is this Notebook good enough for basic home recording? (Rock, Punk)
I will use a Saffire 6 usb audio interface and free vst amps with impulses and stuff.

Medion Akoya E6222

500GB Hard Drvie
Intel Pentium B950 (2,10Ghz)
Win7 64bit

Specs look fine for a basic setup.
Just keep in mind with a notebook, one of the key things you won't really be able to upgrade is the CPU, so as long as you plan on staying at a basic level of recording for now it'll be fine.
The more things you try to run at the same time, the more CPU usage there will be which ultimately slows things down and then crashes.
The processor kind of scares me. From what I can find, it's only single core. Doesn't necessarily mean it's bad... but practically every modern computer worth buying now days has at least a dual core processor. The rest of the specs look fine, though.
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Get something with at least a Core i3 or better. Hell, my cheap ass laptop with a Core i3 and 4gb DDR3 can do more than most would think.
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That CPU is borderline sub par. Got any other choices?
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