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I was going to enter this in the UG Christmas covers competition but apparently no medleys so yeah here you go. C4C as usual.

Happy holidays
Initial nitpick: Make the delay on the first guitar in the right of the stereo field a tad longer.

0:36 WOAH. Humanize whatever midi thing you've got going on their and lower the main lead tone down to balance out with everything else more (You've also got a machine gun effect going on their and it's really jarring). It's way louder. That and attatch a stereo delay on it. The actual tone itself is good though I like it.

2:30~ The outside rhythm tones could be warmer and fatter to get more of a funky reggae feel going on. That and do upstrokes.


Overall I like it. One of the things that I realized more as I listened to the song was that the drums aren't humanized. Every hit is more or less the same velocity. Select all the midi notes and somewhere in your DAW there should be a humanize option to spread out the timing and velocity.

Just lots of little nitpick stuff mostly :P

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Thanks for your crit! I'm using Reaper, so I would really appreciate your help on how I could humanize it. I did push the 'humanise' button on EZD but that doesn't do the trick, evidently