So, I'm going to try to look for an old Gibson that my dad owned. And I mean old as in 1949 old. It's a J-45 that he picked up somewhere along the way. Unfortunately, he sold it at a pawn shop due to financial issues. I have no idea whether it's there or not, but I hope to find some sort of lead on it. It's a pretty unique guitar, as it's signed by Kitty Wells and Johnny Wright, so hopefully someone remembers seeing it if it is gone.
Anyone else have any other similar stories?
Even if you would find it, I hope you are prepared for what a guitar like that would cost, nowadays. A '49 Gibson would be near unaffordable, and seeing how near this guitar lies to your heart, it might be horrible to find it and have to leave it behind again!

However, with such nifty inventions as the internet, you have a good chance of finding it. If the pawnshop still exists, and maybe kept some books (depending on when your father sold it), you might actually have a shot!

Please keep us posted, though. Seems like quite the journey!
Please let me keep this memory, just this one ..
Will do! Unfortunately he sold it in Mississippi, so no pawn shops there have a webpage. Unfortunately also is the fact that I'm in Wisconsin. I'm pretty prepared to pay a pretty hefty price on it. I think it'd be worth it for the sentimental sake. And the awesome story behind it!