Hi guys!

My friend is thinking of getting a tiny terror but he wants to know a few things first. Firstly, what do you think of it? Is it worth the price?

And now the most important question, will it handle drums + one more guitar bass and vocals with just 15 watts? Is its 15 watts enough for band practice so to say, we play pretty hard rock

It would be very kind of you to give some advice!

Thanks guys Rock on!
i saw bring me the horizon a few years back and they had a tiny terror head hooked to a 4x12 cab and it was pretty loud. it was miced up of course but they sound checked it unmiced and you could still hear it over the massive crowd so yea i'd say its loud enough
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No It will not work, unless it can always be mic up. It will be competeing with way too much.
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I had the 1x12 combo. They sound great, but don't have enough guts to do it.
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if you think that the 15 watts wont be enough, get the dual terror.

to be honest i think it sounds better anyways.

And it's 45 or 30 watts, i don't remember.
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I have a 20watt valve amp, and it is more than enough, master never goes over half, and it has a 50watt setting, but I dont go there...
It is very well worth the price if you ask me, I love it. People are amazed at how loud it can get for such a small size, too. I also got mine for less $500. It will definitely handle a band and band practice. I'm not sure about gigging though, I've never used mine in a live setting.
You'll be okay as long as its hooked up to 4x12. Rob chapman? check his videos on you tube very informative on the TT. I also have one my self and i have no issues using with my band.
But if you could save up and get the dual terror like someone else mentioned i would get that. Only because you get two channels and not one.
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You'll be okay as long as its hooked up to 4x12.

The cab has nothing to do with it. It will sound fuller using a 4X12 but it won't be any louder.

OP, give it a try if possible. If the shop really wants to make the sale, they'll let you crank it. And if memory serves, Orange rates their amps a little different. That should be 15W clean- they only rate their clean headroom, I think. And you'll be surprised at how loud 15W is when cranked. It should rattle some windows.
It's only gig-able at significantly high distortion and small venues, unless it's miced of course.

Dual Terror is probably a much better choice if you ever desire cleans, or even slightly broken up overdrive.
I'm not a guru at the watts explanation, but remember the relationship between watts and volume is logarithmic. A 25 watt amp will NOT be half as loud as a 50 watt. I think its like 12 is half... I'm not gonna do the math... The TT is plenty loud, I've seen it driving a 4x12 both in a pop/alt band and a grunge/metal band. Crazy loud!

The real difference and super important thing here is do you need the head room? If you want cleans out of a TT at gig volumes, you can forget it. There are other low watt amps that have WAY more head room than the TT.