I'll start by saying I play mostly metal (system of a down, metallica, BFMV, ect.) but sometimes I like stuff like RHCP, Led Zepplin, and such. I've been playing for about 1 year now and my Ibanez Gio just isn't doin it for me pickups wise and I also need a new body, so I figured I would just make myself a custom one. Starting with the body, (I'd like to keep it Ibanez, I like their style) I was figuring something basswood or mahogany for a warmer tone that has a H-H configuration like the Iceman models. Also looking at putting in a Hardtail for the fact that tremolo's are hard to keep intone and I never use The tremolo bar. For the pickups, I was looking at Dimarzio's, Super 3 for bridge, not for sure what for the neck (mabye The Breed or some Evo's). I want the fingerboard rosewood because the Gio I have feels very, very comfortable to frett, hammer on/pull off, and slide. The neck to be either Maple or Mahogany, not sure which yet but I would like it to be ibanez with an angled headstock. I would really appreciate some input including thoughts, improvations, and sites or locations of where i can buy this stuff!
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you could buy a used rg for like 200-300 bucks and replace the pick ups and block the tremelo

this... If you try to buy everything separately there is a chance of the neck not fitting the body and you will end up spending more rather than just buying an RG321 and putting new pickups in it.

The RG321 comes in Mahogany or you can get it with Basswood body and its a HH pickup config with hard tail bridge.

If you dont mind off brand pickups you can go to guitarfetish.com and guitarheads.net and get some really nice pickups for half the price of 1 of the pickups you mentioned.
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One usually spends a fair amount more money and time wise making there own guitar rather than just buying one and doing a pickup swap. Not always the case however.
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I think I might go with the Super 3 (bridge) and the PAF Pro (neck) for the pickups.what do you guys think?