Hello everyone!

I am a Dutch guitarplayer so from the get go i'm gonna tell you, my grammar is gonna suck; hence my username. In fact next to learning a shitload of guitar stuff I guess i'm gonna learn a lot of English aswell I have a nice little studio in which i have been recording for years and like 2 years ago i decided to learn guitar, i had one somewhere laying around so i picked it up, and loved it from the beginning. Actually i have had classical piano training for 7 years, resulting now in knowing more guitar-theory than things i can actually play. So i guess i will hang around in the recording and theory section of this forum and i would love to help people with stuff

At this point i am 25 years old and i own a beautiful American Standard Telecaster and i own a very cheap ass beginners guitar i'm not even call it by name. I love my tele and i never want something else.... well,,,,,, i guess i want a strat, and a gibson sg and some custom shops, but thats it,,, really!

So that's it for introductions... Hello!
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