Hi guys, I have a yamaha Mg102c mixing console plugged into my m-audio fast track pro thats plugged to my computer(windows) and I use ableton live lite 8 program.

Also, from my computer. I have some logitecht speakers plugged into my headphones input and works using realtek (my computers original soundcard).

The problem is that when I am on ableton. I dont get it how to record? (yes Im a total newb at recording) Also, how is it possible to get my plugged in speakers to play what I record?

Thank you guys.
You may need to do some audio devices set up in your computer as well as your recording program
the speakers are connected to the pc? i don't know about ableton but in pro tools with the fast track pro the monitors or headphones must be connected to the interface (output 1 & 2 for stereo and 1 for mono i think and headphones on the front panel)

with the 'mix' knob turned to 'in' the monitors play what you are playing at the moment, turn them to 'pb' and they play the tracks already recorded or set up in your software.

that anwsers one of your questions i think. not being able to record is because you have to set up some things in ableton or your pc. check youtube or the manual or ableton FAQ
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