So I am building a lefty strat, to be reversed to be played righty, ala Hendrix. Laugh if you want, but I have always wanted to do it.

What kind of pickups would you recommend. $250 MAX for the whole set, although I never mind spending less.

I am aiming for the Band of Gypsys Hendrix sound, I run a silicon Fuzz Face into various amps, but mainly a Fender HRDx, Marshall Vintage Modern, or my Class5.
Custom shop 69's are good for that. I had good luck with some 57/62's as well, after eventually deciding on Texas Specials.

I wouldn't recommend Texas specials or Tex Mex's, nor anything noiseless. The Texas voiced pickups are too hot, and noiseless just wouldn't be right.

With your gear, I'd kill for a set of 69's. Well under 250 as well.
I have a set of 69's in my main strat. I could possibly switch those into this, and try another set in there. I like my 69's, they do sound great.

Anyone have a good suggestion for just a good sounding blues set? Like a mild SRV, Buddy Guy, John Mayer kind of sound?
Texas Specials are good for nearly anything to be honest. Especially if you like the thicker single coil sound. However, as hawk5211 said, the thickness can be too much for some people. Go to your local music store and try out a roadhouse strat. They come with the specials stock, give em a go.
I was looking for more boutique answers, hence why I put $250 as the price tag. I have owned nearly every Fender production pickup. I like Fat 50's and CS69's, I even dig Tex Mex's for certain sounds. The 57/62's were alright, but a little weak for my tastes... I hate Texas Specials. They sound like junk to me, unless you string the guitar with 13's and just drive the amp, ala SRV. I honestly think when Fender created them, they intended them for SRV lovers and hoped that those guys would try to mimic SRV and use 13's.

I am settling on the Lindy Fralin Woodstock 69's. After realizing even if I got a regular set, they would be backwards in the guitar (the stagger order) so I still need a set of left hand staggered pickups, which the Woodstock 69's are. Thanks for your guy's input anyways!