First track up from my new band. I wrote the song, played guitar and recorded everything. Not happy with the vocals but I don't really have a choice in that :/
Feedback on the songwriting and production would be cool!


Also our FB if that's easier or anything:

C4C as well!
Thanks mate! Yeah hopefully this will give her a chance to work on her vocals a bit!
I'll give your song a listen soon when I have computer access
The voice is not really bad, it's just no too well mixed if you ask me; it doesn't really fit into the rest of the music at times, and that gets a bit distracting. The distorted guitar was too 'gainy' imo, and it needs to be more upfront, but I did like the riffs. The track as a whole feels a tad empty, you could either try adding some more instrumentation or layering your instruments a bit more and making better use of panning and dynamics. On the subject of dynamics, this is a song that could make a better use of them; the 'heavier' parts never really had the punch I felt they should (too much compression, imo).

Composition-wise, well, this is pretty excellent. It builds up nicely, and the climax was really, really, good. No real complaints here.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1503571
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Thanks for the replies, guys! I've noticed there isn't a whole lot of dynamics which is frustrating, I'd love the solo and choruses to hit a fair bit harder for sure. I'll probably be going back to it in a few weeks for another mix so I'll see how it goes!