I listened to your song "Right Now I Need Her," and while I am not normally a huge pop-punk fan, you've won me over.

For some reason, when the song first started out, the first artist that popped into my head was Johnny Cash, which is definitely a good thing. Overall, the song was quite well written and well played, and the vocals really fit the pop-punk genre. With a little more work, I can see you developing your own unique sound.

Good work!
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"I Wrote This Song For You, Not Her" I like the vocals in this. Sounds very Blink 182-ish. The chord progressions get boring. IMO, The pre-chorus doesn't really fit in well. Work on this song a bit.
"Right Now I Need Her" Liking the intro. I like the lyrics and vocals, too, but they sound too loud. Cool melodies you've got here.
Both songs remind me of Tom Delonge and Blink 182, which is a good thing.
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well, i have to say this song has a cliche, angsty feel to it but you pull off the style well and i imagine thats what youre going for so thats good. the fridge line seemed a little over the top and just for the sake of the rhyme for me. i like how it dies down and picks back up occasionally, it keeps it interesting. youre saying this is just an acoustic version, is there another version? are you planning on building off of this? i think the addition of bass could really start to have this shaping up.

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I like the guitar melodies & playing! Like the vocal melodies too. During the verse, the vocals sound dry (I'd add a little reverb). The vocals sound a lot more impressive with the back-up vocals (they sound somewhat Blink182, which is fine by me). It's a good song! Please review my music at this link:

aww your accent is so cute love the little solo part at the begining of "I wrote this song..." it reminds me of fall out boy, though at first i thought the lyrics were a tad cliche but in general its quite a sweet little pop punk song, i'd like to hear an electric version

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