This is only partly for me, but more for my wife. She had to sell a prized guitar to help when we ran into some financial issues. I had sold a few of mine (2 electrics and an acoustic), but hers was a lot more valuable then any of mine (due to feature love I don't like most over 500 or so), I had been mulling this over for my own purchasing, but was wondering if I could do this for my wife for the holiday. Does anyone do this partly because my credit score sucks, but with both of us working now it shouldn't be a money issue anymore.
Are they trustworthy? I saw them but wasn't sure, I might be looking at more then one guitar.
This may not be entirely relevant but a company local to me (Australia) does a rent to own system on some guitars. It can be anywhere from $20 - $60 per month but the catch is you can only rent it for around 6 months or something and then you are expected to pay it off in full, or return it.

The other thing is if you did rent to own then you were expected to pay the full retail price of the guitar. Which could be as much as an extra $1000+ (as opposed to getting a good deal by buying it outright) in the case of more expensive ones.

So like I said, dunno if it's relevant but just make sure you read all the fine print, etc, etc. Might be better off saving for a while and then buying when you're ready? :P:
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American Musical does payment plans without credit checks. Depending on how much you spend you can do 4 or 8 month payments.
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