Hey guys, I've been looking into getting some effects for my amp. I'm an analog guy, but I want tons of different effects and I'm a bit strapped for cash so I'm thinking with going with this guy instead of building a big crazy pedal board. Here's my question, with the videos I'm looking at it says you plug it in to "your amp's effects send and return input" or something along those lines in the back of your amp. Well here's my problem, my amp doesn't have those. Just a footswitch input. I use an Orange Dual Terror Amp if that's any help. So....can I use this system with my amp? If not, does anyone have any other alternatives so recommend? Thanks!
No, you can't do that with your amp. You'll just have to put in between your guitar and amp. The system you mention uses an effects loop, which lets your amp's preamp distortion happen before the effects kick in. With the effects in front, you might notice some effects sound funny if you've got a fair amount of distortion from your amp. Running your amp as clean as you can and using dirt modelers from the modeler can help.

Whether or not an effects loop is useful depends on your tastes and your setup. If you use your amp mostly clean, it tends not to be an issue.