Ok I'm sure someone's answered this before so let me say sorry.

My band would like to play with a backing track so you can hear samples, synth ect. And so our drummer can hear clicks in his headphones to keep in time.

I've heard people say that I can pan clicks to the right and samples to the left but the problem I have is that when I send the left channel (the samples) to the p.a won't the sounds only come out the left speakers? How can I so this without compromising the sounds? Any help will be welcome . Thanks
idk ive often wondered how things like that even worked and because of that ive just decided to leave there be a big discernable difference between live and recordings. timing and tracks including.
Have the click on a track that goes to the headphones and the synths and samples on one that goes to the P.A. You must have them in the same program in order for both tracks to start simultaneously. You can use pretty much any program that supports multitrack playback through different outputs, assuming you have 2 different outputs on your interface, phones and speakers output on most cheap interfaces won't work, they have the same signal going through them.
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