Hey guys!

I've tried to search the forum for other threads but I couldn't really find anything helpful so here I go. I'm getting serious for real with my band and need to get myself a better amp before I get going, but I have no clue what amp I should choose and why!

My thought is to get a decent tube head for around 500$ that can be heard over drums, bass, a vocalist and another guitar. I'm not really a pedal guy so it's important that the amp gives me good distortion. I play classic rock, hard rock, rock n' roll or whatever you wanna call it.

What about an Orange Tiny Terror? Bugera 1960? Marshall MA50?

I appreciate any kind of help! Thanks in advance!
Are you willing to buy a used head? Often times you'll get much more for your money pursuing pre-owned gear. If so where are you located so we can check your local Craigslist for recommendations.

Also if you are just looking at a head, may I inquire as to what cab you plan on sending it through?

I would go for a used Peavey Windsor.
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Yes I'm willing to buy a used head! The thing is that I live in Uppsala, Sweden which makes it hard for me to find used gear that could be bought nearby

Actually, I have no idea what cab i should get yet. There's a union here that sponsor me with around 250$, I thought that i could use those money for a cab until I can afford a better on my own.
Quote by Offworld92
I would go for a used Peavey Windsor.


Got mine on Craigs list for $300.00 and they had 2 of them...

the other one's been reduced to $275.00, if it's still there... Great Amps.. single channel, with a "Boost" button that can be footswitched... Effects loop, and the Windsor Cab isn't terrible either...
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