I've been spending the last three weeks or so on the hunt for a new guitar and I think I've tried every guitar in the city apart from the Seagull which the stockist hadn't got due to the wind last week.

The problem is that I now have four guitars which all played great, all have solid tops, are all in my budget and all seemed to have solid build quality. I need some help with my GAS now

Adam Black O-6

Sounded really nice and mellow and looks great to my eye too. Solid top and it was easy to play.

Tanglewood TW130CE

One of the only two tanglewoods I played which weren't dull, and the only one with a solid top. Sounded as I expected I guess, really bright and clean. Also has electrics although I don't need them right now.

Blueridge BR-43

I hadn't encountered Blueridge before. I really liked it though. It sounded similar to the O-6 but a bit beefier. It was a little harder to play but that isn't too much of an issue. The looks are okay but the headstock is too blingy, which is the only big downside I saw.

S&P Songsmith Folk

The very very very top end of my budget (read: about fourty quid over it), but the best sounding of all of them to my ear. I like the looks and it wasn't hard to play. There's also something appealing about 'Made in Canada'. Why aren't more things made in Canada?

So there we have the choices, and I can't really decide which one I'm going to spend my electricity board rebate and Christmas money on.
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I own an Adam Black S-5/12 12 string and I love it nearly as much as my Daughter.

Cant vouch for the others but if you pick the AB I doubt you will be disappointed.

Rarely goes out of tune sound stunning at all times.
why not spend more time trying those guitars. chances are eventually you'll find which one you like more. and there are more brands that should be in your price range. btw, as much as i like the blueridge line, i don't think you should get a guitar that you feel is harder to play. i used to do make excuses for guitars i found weren't as comfortable to play, and over time each one ended up sold. if you like the beefy tone, why not spend more time playing it and see how it goes.

simon & patrick is made by godin, who also makes seagull and art & lutherie. they're very well regarded; i particularly like seagull guitars. and, of course, they're all made in canada
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I tried a few other brands. The Freshmans I tried all looked like they had some build issues (excess glue in the joints, ragged machining on the bracing, sawdust everywhere, not very impressive). I tried a few Yamahas but they were a bit uninspiring (same with the Takamines). The only Fender I tried sounded crap and looked absurd (when a salesman says 'I have this one but you'll have to put up with some skulls' it's time to walk).

I think on the playability advice I might eliminate the Blueridge. Nice guitar, but you're right it'll probably end up frustrating me.
get the canadian one... comes with a 2 year supply of free beer. if the playing don't get em' , the labatts will !
I'll sell you my S6. I love it, but I don't want a dread anymore.
Blueridge BR-160A