I own 3 guitars, 2 acoustics and one electric. The electric is a really cheap stratocaster copy that I got from ebay, used, for £40. Can't imagine it was any more than £100 new. The reason I went with such a cheap guitar was partly becaus it was all I could afford at the time, but also because it was my first guitar and wasn't sure how seriously I'd take it or whether it'd hit off as a hobby at all.

Now I'm looking to buy a new electric guitar and a much better quality one too.

I've played a few guitars but I think I definitely like the stratocaster the best. I played my mate's the other day and it's lovely. So so easy to play and really shows mine up for the piece of crap it is. His strat is a mexican and cost him over £500. I can't afford to pay that much but I do have £300 to play with.

The thing most noticable about his stratocaster is the neck. It's much thicker, feels less flimsy than the neck on my strat and I think that is what makes it such a delight to play. String spacing also feels a little different. Is the thicker neck a feature of all the more expensive strats or only certain models? I've seen a few strats in shops that aren't as low-end as mine, but not as high-end as his and the neck seems to be the same as my strat. I've looked in all the shops in my area and can't find a strat like his so I am probably going to have to buy online. I don't want to spend a load of money only to find out the neck on my new strat feels anything like the one on my current strat. I'm waffling a little now, but basically the point of this thread and what I'm asking is can I get a strat with this thicker neck style for the budget I have?
Yeah, you sound like you need a Les Paul rather than a strat.

Anyway, I think the best neck you could go for would be C shape if you did go for a strat.
If he was a Les Paul man he'd obviously be asking for advice on which LP to buy...

My MiM standard strat doesn't exactly have a thick neck, but it doesn't have a paper-thin Ibanez one. The only advice I have for you is go try a heap of them out and see what suits you best. You mentioned you had already done this, but if there was even one that stood out as better than the others, ask if they have any with thicker necks.

Also, ask your buddy the specific model name. There are a few types of MiM strats.
61-62 necks are pretty thick and les paulish, get the mim and swap necks?
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Maybe I'm wrong, but toodlesoodles didn't mention a Les Paul once at all. He doesn't want something Les Paulish, he wants a stratty Strat.
Anyway. I reckon you probably could get a strat with a decently thick neck on a low budget. Squier do a vintage modified series and a classic vibe series. I haven't tried these yet so I can't comment on quality or neck shape, but I can't imagine them having Ibanez style lollipop necks! Both can be had for under £300 on Thomann.de so I'd consider those at least.
You could get a used MIM and swap pickups?
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I played a friend's Les Paul and while it was a nice guitar, I still much prefer my friend's strat. I don't know the quality of the Les Paul but this friend is a pretty serious player (and not exactly lacking in money either lol) so I'd guess it was a pretty expensive one.
A Squier Classic Vibe would be my initial choice, although you could definitely find a used MIM Strat.
Different models of Strat have different necks. Try to find out which exact model it is your friend has, then you can work out whether the neck you liked is a Fender C, U, D, reissue one or whatever else. Fender make a lot of different necks.
Simon Neil would be good for £300.

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Quote by mnf50
A Squier Classic Vibe would be my initial choice, although you could definitely find a used MIM Strat.
Not if he likes a chunky neck. There's a Squier Custom Telecaster, made in Indonesia. It has a nice thick C profile. If you see one of those, take a look at it. It's a tele body style, but with humbuckers.

I had a 2003 made in mexico strat for a little while, and I really liked the neck. You should be able to find one used for 300, I would think.