Hey guys,

I'm on the mission of building a EVH VH1 guitar (the black and white one).
Right now i'm doing a list of all the things I will need, but there's only one thing missing(well 4 actually) The paint.

I know that if you go on halen.com there are tons of forums on there that show how you build it and the stuff you need, and what everybody's telling me there is that I need to buy duplicolor.
Only one problem is that I live in the UK so they don't supply duplicolor there.
What im missing is the Primer, the black and white paint and the clear coats.
If any one knows a good uk supplier for any other good paint companies, can you please send a link, because I don't know any uk paint companies but I know like 4 good companies in the US but that dose not help.

I would really appreciate if you send me the link to each of the 4 products I need.

Thanks, and sorry for being such a pain the a**