I'm looking for a looper that would work decently for live use. I'd like to spend no more than $150, so I'm not looking at full loop stations like the RC-30. All I really need is something that I can stop and start without having to bend down and start twiddling knobs. I currently have the Hardwire DL-8. The Hardwire is fine for home practice, but you can't start and stop/save the loop. Additionally, having an undo function for overdubs would be nice. Between the JamMan Solo, RC-3, and Akai Headrush, which would work best for my needs? Also, I used to have a DL4, but sold it as it contributed to some major tone suck. Plus I wasn't really a fan of the delay models.

Also, does anyone know whether you can stop/start and undo on the JamMan and RC-3 without an external footswitch? Thanks.
The Akai Headrush (I've heard) is pretty good. You can find them second hand for about $90.
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