Hello everyone at Ultimate Guitar!
Obviously i know a lot of you will be in bands and recording songs, so I thought i could make you all aware of my new business called **Removed**.
We take recorded audio and we mix it and master it (hence the name!) to a professional standard using industry standard equipment and Pro Tools rigs to make your music sound fantastic.
We do all of this at a very low cost, and we offer the FIRST MIX FOR FREE with no additional purchase necessary. We can put your audio on a show reel and therefore its a great way for your music to be heard.
Please, feel free to contact myself on **removed** or general@removed and also visit the website at www.removed.com . Really hope i can end up working with a few of you soon!
Adam at **Removed.**
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This is not an advertising forum, most of the regulars here are happy enough with the sound they get themselves and to keep on with their own practise, and most one-time users won't bother to read your thread. Don't be offended, I'm in a bad mood anxwe get this alot (not to mention I'm going from a 6 hour journey straight to work for 5 1/2 hours while there's a few days off the tour - not a very happy persom right now.
Hey, look. Sigs are back.
Thats cool.
I use this a lot, but i did just start a new account for this business. I am providing a really low cost service and i do think that the users here may benefit from it, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.
I have that issue at the minute, as we are new business starting up, and this is why we are offering free mixes for the time being, so we are able to build up a showreel and give examples.
I do have one that can go on, but others that we have produced so far haven't been allowed on for copyright and contractual reasons. i invite anyone to get in contact for a completely free mix.
Yeah, I understand that!

I just hope that you will get some good stems to work with, as a lot of people really provide horrible quality DI's and raw stems if you're aiming for a professional mix. A lot of people seem to be going with the "fix it in the mix" mindset, which puts a lot of pressure on your shoulders

I wish you the best of luck
I hope i get some decent stems but i have worked with some really poor ones as well!
Thanks very much for the luck!

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