Hi, I've decided I need some new pickups for my Vintage V100(a LP copy, probably similar to some of the Agile 2000 series). The stock Wilkinson humbuckers are not bad, but especially the bridge one is a bit dissapointing-it sounds thin and weak, "stringy" and not much bottom or middle bottom. I've been listening to some samples on the interweb and from what I like an agressive, full yet selective midgainy tone- I think I prefer the AlnicoV pickups, but some less powerful ceramics seem also nice.
Budget is about 60-70Euros, and I'd prefer something used(better value imho).
I've been looking at the "usual suspects"-Dimarzio, SD but they seem to have a too big choice and I can't decide on any of them because sometimes I can't even hear the differece between them
I can also get some Merlin pickups-they are said to be boutique quality and are custom made in Poland so I can get them relatively cheap-any one has any experience?
To summarise, I'm sure many of you swapped the pups on your LP copy-what did you choose and why? Any personal recomendations are welcome.
PS. I play mostly classic rock, lot of blues, almost never anything heavier than Black Sabbath. Amp is a Soldano Atomic 16 copy with a 1x12, no pedals or effects.
I don't know - somehow a Les Paul with intentions for a classic rock tone instantly brings Slash to my mind, and he uses Seymour Duncan Alnico Pro II humbuckers (probably many others, too, but I think those are what he's most know for). As I understand it, their output is somewhere between medium and hot, and they are quite mid-rangey. Maybe you should give them a closer look?

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I really like his tone, definetly will look into them. BTW, i've just found out that to a degree you can "customize" the merlin pickups, order them slightly over/underwound and so on. So maybe a slightly overwound alnico 2? Or maybe I'm just getting paranoid from all the possibilities and in reality the differences are really small?
Or maybe some vintage(80's) dimarzio distortion? I can get one cheap too. Can't really make up my mind...
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