Hey, so recently I bought a brand new 2011 Gibson SG... and already I'm feeling the urge to make it more unique. The stock pickups are pretty good but I feel that they could use a bit more edge in the bridge position and less muddiness in the neck. Also I'd really love to coil tap them. Any pickup suggestions? I love Led Zeppelin's guitar tones for the more distorted side and I love Thom Yorke's spastic SG tone in Where I End and You Begin.

I've played Strats for years, so I bought an SG to change things up a little... but I'm starting to really miss having a tremolo. Is there any good trems out there that I can easily (or fairly easily) mount onto the guitar? I'm not into divebombing the trem so don't suggest a Floyd Rose please! Thanks for the help!


What about a Stetsbar, dont think it needs any drilling etc. Theres stuff on Youtube if you need more info