So i'm a hardcore vocalist that has bad eye sight.
I wear glasses on stage and they'd always fall off, so I bought a strap and it works perfectly fine but I'll end up getting sweat on the lens and everything just gets blurry and all bad. I thought about contacts, but I sweat a lot and sometimes sweat gets in my eyes so do you think like there's a chance I'd like wipe my contact off or something? I've never used contacts before so I wouldn't know. And I don't wanna play blind

kind of a stupid dilemma but what do you think I should do
I play in a metal band and I wear glasses, no strap....if you get the glasses adjusted right at the eye doctors, they usually stay on....I make a point now of always getting them set tighter than they probably should, specifically so I can go crazy on stage and not worry about it.
As for the sweat issue, keep a towel on stage and you can clean em between songs. Tons of people use towels to wipe their foreheads on stage...why not for glasses?
I think there are enough metal/hardcore musicians nowadays that DO wear glasses that it SHOULDNT be that much of a hurt to the image to wear glasses :P